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Coronavirus Update

Safety and Well Being
As is clear in all forms of media, COVID-19 is having a significant impact globally, at both a medical and economic level.  We are constantly monitoring the advice provided by the authorities, and our clients, to ensure we protect our people.  The safe well-being of our people is our top priority.  

We need to maintain focus, abide by the directions as issued, work together to provide ourselves, our colleagues, our clients and the community with a healthy and safe environment as we combat the impact of COVID-19.

What we are doing
We all have an important part to play to combat COVID-19, as a business we are clearly aligned to the requirements and initiatives of our industry as well as those suggested and mandate by State and Federal Governments.  The below are some of the things Linkforce has implemented across the entire group

  • Implemented strict guidelines around Social distancing, interstate and regional travel in line with State and Federal governing bodies.

  • Implemented COVID-19 pre mobilisation checklist.

  • Temperature testing for essential personal currently still across our working locations.

  • Implemented a Work From Home mandate for non-essential Linkforce personnel.

  • Perth and Regional workshops have been resourced appropriately to ensure conformance to guidelines, as well as being able to service our client’s needs.

  • Direct liaison with clients to provide required services whilst limiting regional travel.

  • Improved communication channels to facilitate effective communicate to our workforce. 

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