Project Duration: Five days

Job Scope

Linkforce Engineering Shutdown Operations were contracted to plan and implement a safe and effective means of removing and replacing the apron feeder and other associated maintenance works as they come up.

After a careful consultation period Linkforce Engineering Shutdown Operations developed an extremely detailed Gantt and Safety Management Plan incorporating all the history from the previous Apron Feeder work.

In this instance the challenges the project faced were on multiple fronts, including contractor management and the logistics of working remotely in harsh conditions.


Linkforce mobilised a experienced crew of management, fitters, boilermakers, scaffolders and riggers. To service their requirements Linkforce brought into site a range of custom shutdown solutions including Tool Trailers, Habitats, and Mobile Scaffold Containers.

Also a custom sleigh and winch set up was required to be designed and fabricated, Linkforce Engineering fabricated this at their Kewdale site in Perth and using our internal haulage service was relocated to site.

To maintain the highest level of commitment to operational and client HSEQ, Linkforce provided well trained and experienced safety officers who conducted regular process auditing for operational compliance and continuous improvement of the business.

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