Location: Eastern Pilbara Mine Site

Project goal: Replace the existing vibrating grizzly and repair existing feed chute.

The primary crusher received extensive damage when an oversized boulder became lodged within the jaw crusher, and due to that piece of the plant not having a rock breaker, explosives were used to breakdown the boulder. This resulted in damaging the grizzly and also blew out the side of the feed chute.

Other associated work was also carried out with repairs to the structure including beam replacement, parent metal repair and mechanical repairs.

Getting into the grizzly to remove it required a lot of the structural plant to be removed also. These components included: Apron feeder wing walls, Beam structure and H-Frame along with the Jaw Crusher feed chute.

Challenges included:

- No Safe Work Procedure or previous experience with that piece of plant.

Extensive scoping was carried out by a team from Linkforce Engineering with proven expertise in primary rebuilds.

A detailed Safe Work Procedure was developed to encompass all known difficulties and to make allowance for any unforseen circumstances by including various different scenarios.

- 24 Tonne vibrating grizzly to be removed with minimal clearance on all 4 sides.

This was overcome by using 30 tonne chain blocks sourced in the Pilbara region, to manipulate the vibrating grizzly around the existing plant and machinery which could not be removed.

- Removal of distorted and damaged Jaw Crusher feed chute due to use of explosives.

This required a need for the parts of the chute walls to be removed completely in situ due to the damage caused by the use of explosives. Once the skeleton of the chute had been removed it was rebuilt to updated designs and standards.

Linkforce Engineering were also charged with supplying all necessary plant and equipment to complete the task.

This included the following:

  • Specialised Tool Trailers

  • Cranage

  • Full Management Team

  • Detailed Gannt and Risk Assessment

  • Specialised lifting equipment

  • All Labour

The project was completed ahead of schedule and without incident.

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