Project Duration: Six weeks

Job Scope

Linkforce Projects and Construction division were given the task of designing and constructing a 7km Polypipe system for the disbursement of waste fines water at Yandicogina. The project entailed a detailed design process with input from all major stake holders to approve the design.

Once the design was approved Linkforce’s Projects and Construction team detailed a specific safety management and implementation plan which highlighted the challenges that would need to be overcome. The design and project management team consisted of Engineering, HSEQ, and Planning.

Challenges and Solutions

With the project commencing in the height of summer the elements were a major factor with little or no shade. Linkforce managed this by supplying mobile habitats where the workers could find basic necessities to maintain productivity and ensure safety.


The project site was set over a large area consisting of redundant mine, active mine and active haul roads, all vehicle, plant and personnel movements were detailed in the daily prestart and communicated site wide.

With the project being in and around active haul roads it was extremely important to everyone involved that vehicle interaction was kept to a minimum, and all mining MEM operators were informed of a detailed traffic management plan of times and places where there was a likelihood of an interaction.

The work itself was completed by a dedicated and highly trained team of 12 tradesmen, these included site project managers, plant operators, polypipe welders and inspectors. Throughout the project various testing and sampling was completed on the welds and install to meet current AS/NZ standards and final project Master Document Register.

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