Project Duration: 34 days

Scope and associated challenges

The project scope was to install a Biomax Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) to service the administration and workshop areas at the Regional Mine Site – Mesa J located a few kilometres from the small town of Panawonica in the Pilbara.

The previous WWTP was too small to meet demand, had failed to function correctly and had been replaced by a temporary system of storage tanks which needed frequent emptying. This system was far from ideal and an upgrade was long overdue. The challenges facing our team were:

Achieving completion within a reasonably tight timeframe whilst working in a remote location making deliveries of parts and materials at times difficult.

Excavating a rectangular hole approximately 15 Metres X 7 Metres, (including benches) 3.6 Metres deep on sloping ground with a steep bank close to the main Stores yard on one side and a sharp drop on another side leading to an evaporation pond.

Diverting existing sewage pipe to new system and ensuring excavation was to correct depth to allow adequate fall.

Crane issues due to uneven terrain and less than ideal access to lift areas.

Constructing a fence following undulating changes in elevation to form a perimeter of approximately 620 Metres including several gates.

Solutions and key points

The project was completed in good time and to the clients satisfaction due to careful and ongoing planning as the job progressed. We had all necessary machinery, equipment, tools, parts and materials on site with only minimal delays encountered.

Forward thinking and anticipation of potential future problems played a large part in the day to day progress of the project and lack of down time throughout the job.

Having a team of competent, conscientious individuals played an integral part in the successful completion of the project.

All Linkforce personnel involved with the project were extremely hard working and diligent in their duties. Attention to detail and an eye for accuracy were crucial to the overall quality of the project and all team members excelled in these areas.

The job was completed without incident and a good, professional working relationship with the Regional Mine Site staff was maintained at all times.

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