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Community Engagement 
& Sustainability

Linkforce seeks to identify and forecast future workforce needs and address the gaps in order to expand the existing workforce to meet market demands.

Primarily focuses on;

  • Growing the number of people living and working locally across remote regions, 

  • Assisting the heavy industry workforce to navigate changes in technology, productivity requirements and demographical shifts, and 

  • Supporting people seeking to transition into heavy industry.  ​


This is achieved through different development programs that create pathways for education and employment. 

Two of these programs, which are currently operational and demonstrating significant positive industry impact, are the Link2Opportunity program and the Footprint Apprenticeship program. 

The Footprint Apprenticeship program is a trade recognition program developed in partnership with South Metropolitan TAFE. It provides candidates, who have proven mechanical aptitude and a minimum of 2 years site experience, the opportunity to undertake a fast-track apprenticeship program.

This program creates a pathway for local and regionally based members of the workforce to upskill, leveraging their existing knowledge and experience to gain qualifications that will advance their careers as well as addressing trade shortages across the sector.

Link2Opportunity is a pre-employment program designed to provide a safe, structured and supportive environment for unemployed jobseekers to become equipped with both the technical and soft skills required to secure employment within heavy industry.

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