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Apron Feeder Change Out Project

FMG Cloudbreak

Value Added Linkforce developed an innovative method for these works that reduced onsite risk, improved safety performance, reduced shutdown timeframes and provided cost savings for FMG. The developed methodology can be utilised by our clients in the future for all existing belt feeders that require replacement to provide safer execution and cost reductions. The Challenge An ongoing challenge experienced by our client, had been the excessive product spillage from the belt feeder at the Cloudbreak mine. After several attempts at reducing the spillage FMG considered a replacement solution; removing the belt feeder and installing an apron feeder to reduce spillage, maintenance costs and extend the life of the asset. Our Solution Instead of executing the original methodology which involved removing the belt feeder chain and splitting the belt feeder into several pieces in order to remove it from under the structure, Linkforce proposed a technical solution that involved removing and installing the feeder as a complete unit. We were able to engage a third-party engineer to design a jacking system to lift the belt feeder up and a counter levered rail to roll out the feeder from under the surge bin. Linkforce’s proposed execution method was accepted by the client and was successfully executed, with the inclusion of custom fabrication supply of the jacking and rail system. This approached added significant value to FMG operations, eliminating a large amount of high-risk work and reducing the shut duration. #livewherewework


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