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TLO Bin Replacement

RTIO West Angeles

The Challenge

Due to excessive corrosion of structural members, the upper section of the TLO Bin at West Angelas required replacing. RTIO were seeking a solution that would enable thereplacement to be executed without having to remove the conveyor belt and to be executed with the minimal amount of shutdown time possible.

Our Solution

Linkforce were engaged to supply and install the new upper section of the TLO bin, inclusive of the in-house fabrication.

Our technical solution included;

  • building a temporary trestle under the truss to jack the truss off the bin, without performing a belt change out during the shutdown.

  • building a scaffold around the existing bin, removing the upper TLO bin from the ring beam up and then replacing with the new upper bin.

  • replacing the TLO bin with an upgraded surface treated which was designed to prolong the life of the new bin.

  • upgrading the head chute and adding a monorail in the bin to aid future maintenance.

Despite weather delays, Linkforce were able to complete these works on schedule and the duration of this project was executed incident and injury free.


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