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Car Dumper No#4 Festoon

BHP Port Hedland

Client: BHP

Duration: 120HR shutdown

Value Added

  • Partnering with our client from the initial scoping engagement allowing for the delivery of an efficient construction methodology.

  • Zero harm to personnel and the environment.

  • Achieving a reduction of installation time by utilising an innovative method of removing the need for cable pulling through the festoon.

  • Zero quality issues identified during the commissioning phase as a direct result of disconnecting the old cabling.

The scope of this project included the rewiring of the festoon on Car Dumper 4, positioner 6.

In partnership with our client, the execution of works enabled the positive identification and cross checking of the terminations and current wiring to allow red line mark ups of associated drawings.

During the execution phase, in accordance with our comprehensive construction methodology, the following was completed:

  • Disconnection and labelling of all cables running through the festoon,

  • Winching of the existing festoon into position allowing for the removal of one beam containing the old cabling,

  • Installation of a new beam holding the new pre-assembled festoon; and

  • Winching of the new festoon into position allowing for the cables to be run and terminated.

The scope of work involved several high-risk activities such as the lifting of the old festoon onto an existing beam and lifting the pre-assembled festoon onto a new beam.

These lifts were conducted within close proximity to high value assets. Risk mitigation strategies were continuously monitored and controlled through our diligent and highly skilled leadership team.

The conclusion of the project saw the assets commissioned with zero injuries to personnel, zero environmental harm, zero quality assurance issues or faults identified, resulting in the delivery of the project on time and within budget.


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