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JSE Wet Screen Change Out

RTIO Yandicoogina

Value Added

Project was executed with the utilisation of Linkforce’s ‘Project Tracker Software’ providing the client with real-time progress and tracking data. All risk mitigation strategies were continuously monitored and controlled through the diligent and highly skilled leadership team to successfully conclude the project with zero injuries to personnel, zero environmental harm, zero quality assurance issues or faults identified; ultimately delivering the project on time and within budget.

The Challenge

The scope of the project entailed the change out of the JSE wet plant screens and isolation frames during the course of 3 x 120-hour discrete maintenance shutdown periods.

The Solution

The following requirements were successfully delivered during the project execution:

The supply and surface treatment of all SMP fabrication assets including;

  • 4 discharge hoods, 3 crosses over platforms and 3 sets of motor mounts, support steel and spray bar piping.

  • Removal of existing Metso screens and isolation frames;

  • Installation of Schenck screens and isolation frames;

  • Provision of subject matter expert throughout the dry and wet commissioning phase.

To achieve flexibility and cost efficiencies throughout project delivery Linkforce supplied and installed the electrical, control works, craneage, transportation, along with plant and equipment.


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