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Primary Crushing Building Structural Improvements

Rio Tinto Sustaining Capital Marandoo

Value Added

This project was successfully completed with zero injuries and zero incidents across all five mobilisations for the duration of the works.

Linkforce successfully improved the quality of the end product, delivered the project on schedule, within budget and demonstrated our dedication to strong client partnership throughout the duration of the project.

The Challenge

Rio Tinto’s Marandoo Primary Crushing Facility processes ROM wet plant ore and is essential for delivering the required production capacity at Marandoo. Excessive levels of vibration were measured within the Wet Plant Primary Crushing Building causing the entire structure to move between 200mm - 300mm, violating the design construct allowances of 20mm - 30mm of movement.

Rio Tinto identified that this vibration was adversely impacting the structural integrity of the building, damaging the primary sizer SS2101 and requiring consistent maintenance works to ensure safety of the work area.

Our Solution

Linkforce were chosen to construct an independent structure and air spring system to support the Primary Sizer and isolate the asset from the existing Primary Crushing Building.

Linkforce successfully project managed the supply of; structure and air spring system design, fabrication, testing, programming and on-site installation of an isolation frame. The frame was installed below the Primary Crusher, isolating the Primary Sizer and is successfully absorbing all vibration from the Apron Feeder product, protecting the Primary Crushing Building from structural damage.


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