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TLO Bin Replacement Project

FMG Christmas Creek

Value Added

  • Achieving zero harm to personnel and the environment.

  • Execution of works through the development and utilisation of a safe work methodology and

  • Quality Assurance Management Systems.

  • Identification and execution of sustained WWH risk mitigation strategies.

  • Installation of engineered scaffolding during cyclone season.

  • Delivery of the project ≥25 hours ahead of the 168 hour scheduled project execution

  • timeframe.

  • A reduction of ≥ 300 man hours against the client’s conceptual scope and design.

The scope of the project encompassed the removal of all existing corrosion affected steelwork and installation of stick built structural steel within the upper section of the Train Loadout Bin (TLO). In partnership with the client the execution of an alternate methodology was developed to ultimately reduce the projects risk profile and delivery time. To achieve the projects sustained milestones and deliverables, the following key activities were executed:

  • Removal of the feed conveyors final truss section, allowing for unrestricted access.

  • The removal of the top 3 metre section of the TLO bin structure by mobile crane, therefore eliminating the exposure of Working With Heights (WWH) risks.

  • Welding of the bin flanging joint during the operation phase to reduce scheduled tool time.

  • Installation of the pre-built bin section and pulley structure to realign with the conveyor truss.

  • The conclusion of the project saw the project commissioned with zero injuries to personnel, zero environmental harm, zero quality assurance issues or faults identified. The project was ultimately delivered ahead of time and within budget.


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