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YTK211 Tank Upgrade

RTIO Yandicoogina

Value Added

The conclusion of the project saw the water tank commissioned with zero injuries to

personnel and zero environmental harm.

The project was notably executed with zero non conformance quality assurance issues or faults, resulting in the delivery of sustained operational efficiencies to the client with a full capacity tank supplying its village and plant facilities.

The Challenge

The Yandicoogina YTK211 water tank had developed a significant leak, creating significant wastage and high-risk profile to the tank’s structural integrity. Additionally, the size of the tank had become inadequate for the plant’s requirements, undersized for its application and holding insufficient redundancy if bores were to fail.

The Yandi YTK211 tank is the primary transfer tank into which water flows from the bore fields before going to the village, central facilities, wet plant, stockyard and primary crusher facilities.

It was ascertained that to rectify the identified issues, the design, installation, establishment and operation of two new water tanks was required. This would include the design and installation of larger pumps and the re-routing of pipework to accept the new equipment, in order to see the water supply efficiently servicing the plant.

As the original tank infrastructure had no water back-up or diverting plans, the predominant challenge for these works was obtaining an appropriate window for execution that allowed for minimal tank downtime.

The Solultion

Enabling our client to continue operations as usual with minimal impact on plant and village personnel and activities was both our highest priority and biggest challenge. Closer to execution this challenge intensified as the allocated shutdown time of 12 hours reduced to only 4 hours due to unrelated factors outside of the project controls.

Linkforce supplied a solution which involved multiple diverting and reverting water plans, which provided alternatives and failsafe’s in order to bring the project to 99% completion without water supply disruption.

Completion of all design, fabrication and pre-assemble works were conducted off-site to allow for optimal use of on-site hours to the highest safety standards.

Our technically experienced and efficient leadership team and tradesmen were key to the successful and safe execution within the given timeframes.


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